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The French Invasion

Book Three of The Merriman Chronicles by Roger Burnage.

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited exclusively from Amazon.

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The French Invasion by Roger Burnage

Reviews of The French Invasion


Recalled home from the West Indies, Merriman is given command of the frigate ‘Lord Stevenage.’ It is known that the French are amassing an army and a fleet to invade Ireland and join with Irish rebels. If it succeeds then England will be ringed by enemy countries under the control of Napoleon Bonaparte, and only the navy stands between France and England.


Once again Merriman is involved in the murky world of secret agents with English spymaster Mr Grahame, a man he knows well, to find out what they can about the French plans in Ireland where Merriman’s old enemy Moreau, a French agent, appears once more. This is a rousing story about murder, fights with the French at sea and ashore with the background of the real French invasion of Ireland which was attempted but failed.

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