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The Threat In The Atlantic - coming soon!

Fans of The Merriman Chronicles get ready for some new action afloat as Captain Sir James Merriman once again sets sail in HMS Thunder on a special mission from The Admiralty.

Set immediately after he returns to England after his adventures around The Ionian Islands and the western coast of the Balkans (Book seven, The Threat In The Adriatic), Sir James has left Thunder in Portsmouth for crucial refitting and has managed to get some time at home with his wife and children. Life starts to take a slower pace and he is getting comfortable being away from his ship  when a letter arrives from The Admiralty.

Torn between his family and The Royal Navy, Merriman is inevitably drawn back to the life at sea and his duty to King and Country. Leaving the family home of Burton Manor, he heads for London, not knowing when he will see home again.

With new (and disturbing) orders from The Admiralty, Merriman heads back to Portsmouth and finds Thunder with a mixed bag of familiar officers and crew alongside some new seamen recruited to replace previous losses. Merriman and his First Lieutenant are tested as they try and work the men into a cohesive fighting force.

No more spoilers… you will have to read the book!

The series is being continued by Robin Burnage (Roger’s youngest son) who was instrumental in publishing the earlier novels. It was Roger’s wish that the adventures of Sir James and the Merriman family be continued. This latest addition picks up where Roger left off and sets the tone for many future novels.

To celebrate the continuation of the series, we have commission a painting from renowned marine artist, Colin M Baxter. This will feature on the cover of the new book. It features HMS Thunder and a French ship engaging in action. Thanks to Colin for this stunning piece of work.

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