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A New Historic Naval Fiction Audiobook has landed

I'm really pleased to announce that our first Audiobook is finished and is available from Audible.

A Certain Threat, written by Roger Burnage and narrated by Nigel Peever has already had some FIVE STAR reviews come in.

Finding the right narrator for the job wasn’t easy. We had over twenty auditions – some good, some not so good. A few stood out as exceptional which made the choice more difficult. In the end, we took the plunge and asked Nigel. He has plenty of experience of audiobooks and has already produced several historic naval fiction audiobooks such as the Hornblower's legacy series by James Keffer.

Despite our initial reservations about having an enhanced audiobook (added music and sound effects as opposed to a straight read) the end result is spectacular. The balance is spot on, with Nigel reading all the parts and developing each individual character with regional accents and idiosyncratic traits that makes each character unique.

From the opening few words of the original author’s notes, you are drawn into the storyline and want to hear more. We absolutely made the right choice and can’t wait for book two!

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