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Captain Merriman Returns with a twist! The Family Legacy continues with a new author at the helm

Updated: May 8

For all the Merriman fans that were disappointed that the series seemingly came to an end with the passing of Roger Burnage, we have great news. Merriman is back! Not only does the adventure continue, but it is penned by none other than the original author's son - Robin Burnage.

"The Threat In The Atlantic" picks up the story directly after Captain Merriman returns to England from his mission in the Mediterranean (Book 7 - The Threat In The Adriatic).

In this new book, Robin honours the spirit and tone of the original series by maintaining key themes and keeping some familiar characters. He also introduces new crew members and perspectives on life aboard a King's ship in the early 19th Century. The aim was always to fulfil his dad's wishes that the series be continued, but also offer Merriman fans an exciting new installment that keeps the readers engaged. Book eight does just that. It's an exciting page turner with a gripping finale that is not to be missed.


"Barely months after returning from the Adriatic, Captain Sir James Merriman is enjoying some rare time with his wife and children. But his nation is exhausted by an apparently endless war and Napoleon’s continental system is denying Britain crucial supplies. Worse still, the French 80-gun ship Hercule has captured numerous British ships near the Cape of Good Hope. Captained by a wily veteran known as the lone wolf, the Hercule presents Merriman with his greatest adversary yet.

Joining his loyal first officer Alfred Shrigley aboard the newly-refitted HMS Thunder, Merriman journeys south to capture or destroy the Hercule. An unexpected diversion leads him onto Portuguese soil and a crucial rendezvous with an old friend – the resourceful double agent, Charles Moreau. With no time to lose, Merriman must meld inexperienced men and hardened veterans into an effective fighting outfit. Along the way, he and his crew encounter slave ships, pirates, disease, storms and numerous allies and enemies before a fateful clash with their elusive nemesis".

About the author:

Robin has been actively involved in the series from the very start, having 'self-published' the books on behalf of his father.

He says "Dad always dreamt of being published, sadly he didn't manage to find an agent or publisher who would take him on. I did a bit of research about 'print on demand' and 'eBook' options that were available to self-published authors and got the first book published. It made my dad really happy to see his book in print, plus it started selling really well. So he wrote another one, and another one..."

It continued from there. Roger writing and Robin putting the books together for publication.

Robin admits that the early books were sometimes not that well edited or produced - partly as a result of living the dream aboard his own sailing yacht on a five year adventure with sketchy internet access and lot's of distractions!

Since returning home, Robin has worked on fixing all the early flaws with help from a professional editor. The latest re-published editions of the books also have bespoke paintings for the covers. Ultimately the series is much better as a result and he hopes that it is a better overall experience for readers.

Book Eight is set for publication on May 17th, 2024 and is available for pre-order now.

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